Free Criminal Background Checks

Free Criminal Background Checks - You need to know WHO you are hiring!
Part One.

A company's greatest security threat is not necessarily coming from the outside. Way too often attacks or thefts come from a company's own employees. Employers need to take measures to reduce potential risks. You need to do thoroughly background checks.

I've been doing background checks for 11 years now and I currently use Background Checks 360 Exclusively as their records are always up to date and top notch!  

Here are some severe security threats employees may pose:

IT employees may represent one of the greatest security risks of all times. IT employees more than often work during hours when other employees are off work and often in restricted access areas. There have been surveys proving that IT employees sometimes feel their work is unappreciated and because of that they get bad morale representing a big problem. IT personal can steal or damage ANY information passing through - being stored on your servers. They may even spread viruses or do other malicious attaces as a way of blackmailing.

Financial and Accounting employees have access to very sensitive information and often unique knowledge about the money flow in the company. High pressure and bad morale among financial employees happens and working with so much money can make even the best person what to stick some in his/her own pocket.

One example of this happned in europe recently where a 48 year old woman exploided a glitch in the bank where she was working as a teller and managed to steal about 9cents from every transaction the bank did. Over the course of a few months she made close to 150 000 usd from this operation before she got caught. The woman had a history of theft and well-hidden drug abuse that could have been revealed by doing proper background cheks. (This is impossible in Europe though, but here in the US there are NO excuses not to!).

There are hundreds of "Background Checking" services online today but many of them are just scams or deliver incomplete reports or false information. I wouldn't recommend going for any of the Free Criminal Background Checks but rather use a reliable website like
Background Checks 360 to do the job for you. They tend to offer a lot more reliably results than the free ones and they also deliver more information.

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