Free Criminal Background Checks - You need to know WHO you are hiring! Part TWO.

So, we have dealt with some of the problems employees may cause for your company. Here are a few more;

It is becoming more and more accepted that employees bring work or work materials outside of their office to work from home, do some work on the train or while being on vaccation with their family. Some jobs require employees to be reachable at anytime. However, many employers fail to see that data carried outside of the workplace can put secure data like client identification information and business secrets at risk if misplaced. Things can be stolen or get lost. By doing Criminal Background Checks of your employees spouse, children or close relations you can find out wether that person may expose your company's information to risks from being stolen or mis-used.

I do not recommend the Free Criminal Background Checks, though, as they are less reliable and only deliver very limited reports. They also often carry out-dated info. I suggest you use a daily updated service like Background Checks 360 which will provide you with amazingly fresh up to date records.

Also be aware of the fact that drugs are becomming a more and more popular way of relaxing and partying and this can result in bad habits and too high spends. Employees having problems with drugs or gambling can be tempted to steal from you to sustain their addictions or cover gambling losses.

Make sure new employees are aware of confidentiality policies. Training, educating and reminding your employees on the the rules and policies on an ongoing basis can prevent stealing and exposure to security risks.

ALWAYS Conduct background checks before hiring new people. Always do criminal background checks, credit checks and take a look on all other reports available as well. All available at Background Checks 360.

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