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Hi & Welcome To My Free Criminal Background Checks Website!

I created this website in order to help people to find background information about people online. You see, a year or so back I was looking for some background information on a guy I was planning to hire to work for me. My dad, who is a pensioned private investigator, told me that there were a lot of places online where I could find background info. My search was on...

However, after almost a week of searching through different public records and court papers in more than three different states, I started to lose faith. It was such a daunting task. Eventually, I ended up hiring the guy without having done the proper research.

Not good at all. The guy was a crook and run away with more than seven thousand US dollars no more than six months after I hired the bastard!

Apparently, I wasn't the only person this fraudster had fooled. Operating with false identities and fake SNN cards, he has scammed people in at least five different states. Guess the Feds are after him now... And they are NOT the only ones!

Ooops, I got side tracked. Well, after this incident I started to do some more research, not only on this guy but also every new employee I hire. And now, I am not going through all the hassle with the manual searches anymore. I have a better way... A much better way.

You see.... It is possible to do Free Criminal Background Checks ONLINE within just a few seconds. HAH! Had I only knew that a year ago... I am not crying over spilt milk, but YOU should not have to go through the same shit I did.

Don't give people the benefit of doubt - KNOW who you are hiring. KNOW who are taking care of your children. KNOW - Don't Assume!

Well, feel free to post a comment if you have any questions of comments.

Best Of Luck,

Jack Meyer

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